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August 4, 2011

With under two months left in the season four sluggers have emerged as contenders as the National League’s Most Valuable Player.  Arizona’s Justin Upton, Los Angeles’ Matt Kemp, and Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun have all put up incredible numbers so far this season.  Check out how their batting totals stack up.

Hits (Blue), RBIs (Orange) & HRs (Green)

See which Brewer is more valuable.

Matt Kemp appears to be the front runner with his incredible .586 Slugging Percentage.  Kemp is leading the League with 84 RBIs, and his 26 Home Runs and a strong .319 Batting Average put him in contention to win the NL triple crown.  However, Kemp’s Dodger are out of playoff contention and the honor may be awarded to someone who will be playing in October.  Must the MVP put up the best number or is it more import to lead a team to a pennant?

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