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Clash of Compelling Center Fielders

September 23, 2011

While the Yankees have already clinched the AL East title, New York would revel in handing the Red Sox some crippling loses while they desperately attempt to hold onto their tenuous grip of the AL Wild Card. Both team’s boast excellent Center Fielders as Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury and New York Yankees’ Curtis Granderson are vying for the AL MVP award. Compare Ellsbury’s and Granderson’s RBI production this season and click for some guess for how many RBIs Ellsbury and Granderson will hit in this season’s final three games of this entertaining rivalry.

Summary: Click here for some guesses for how many RBIs Jacoby Ellsbury will hit against the Yankees.

Summary: Click here for some guesses for how many RBIs Curtis Granderson will hit against the Red Sox.

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