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Boston’s Most Valubale Trio

August 28, 2011

One of the few “problems” the Boston Red Sox are having this season is identifying a team Most Valuable Player. The Red Sox are leading the Majors with 718 Runs Scored.  So it is no surprise that First Baseman, Adrian Gonzalez (103 RBIs .965 OPS), Second Baseman, Dustin Pedroia (71 RBIs, .872 OPS) and Center Fielder, Jacoby Ellsbury (92 RBIs, .889 OPS), are all serious contenders for the AL MVP. Check out their batting averages.

Gonzalez (Grey), Ellsbury (Red) & Pedroia (White)

Off-season acquisition Adrian Gonzalez has been an absolute offensive juggernaut, leading the Majors with 184 Hits and 103 RBIs.  Compare Gonzalez’s offensive numbers with Pedroia’s and Ellsbury’s.

RBIs (Blue), Runs Scored (Orange) & HRs (Green)

However, Gonzalez’s Boston teammates have much higher WARs (Wins Above Replacement), arguably the preeminent indicator for MVP. Pedroia and Ellsbury are second and third in the American League with WARs of 7.2 and 6.8 respectively. Gonzalez’s 5.7 WAR is sixth.  (Toronto’s postseason non-contention diminishes WAR leader Jose Bautista’s contention)  With one month left in the regular season which Red Sox will emerge as the team and quite possibly the AL MVP?

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