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What an wonderful Baseball season! From Jeter’s 3,000th hit to the exciting final day of the regular season to David Freese’s heroics for the World Champion Cardinals, 2011 was a real treat for Baseball fans. Now that the season is in the books let’s honor the best players and team from the season.

Best Hitter
While 2011 will be remembered as a low scoring, pitcher friendly season, many hitter still put up incredible numbers. Check out the offensive production of the top Major League hitters.

RBIs (Blue), Home Runs (Purple) & Total Bases (Red)

While many players were able to knock in over 100 runs including Matt Kemp’s phenomenal 126, Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury was the best hitter this season. Ellsbury batted .321 with 105 RBIs, 32 Home Runs and lead the Majors with 364 total bases.

Best Starting Pitcher
Fantastic pitching was abound this season, including Philadelphia’s dominate trio leading the Phillies to over 100 wins and Justin Verlander and Jared Weaver twice squaring off in enthralling pitcher’s duels. Compare some of the pitching statistics of the top pitchers in baseball.

Earned Runs Allowed (Blue), Strikeouts (Purple) & Walks (Red)

Even though Clayton Kershaw had amazing season for the Dodgers with his 248 strikeouts, Detroit’s Justin Verlander was hands-down the Major’s best pitcher. Verlander lead the Majors with 24 wins and 250 Strikeouts and recorded his second career no-hitter in 2011.

Best Closing Pitcher

The 2011 season saw some huge records set by closing pitchers. Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel’s 46 saves shattered the record for most saves by a Rookie. An even better record though, was Mario Rivera becoming the all time saves leader when he recorded his 602nd save in September.
Check out the numbers for this season’s top closing pitchers

Saves (Blue), Pitching Strikeouts (Purple) & Walks (Red)

While these all these records were impressive, there was no better closer this season than Detroit’s Jose Valverde. Valverde lead the Majors with 49 saves but the fact that he did not blow a single save all season made Valverde 2011’s best closing pitchers.

Best Team
While the Phillis won 102 games and the Brewers were an amazing 57-24 at Miller park this season, the best team defeated both of them in the playoffs on their way to their 11th World Championship. Even though they need an epic collapse from the Atlanta Braves and all 162 games to make it into the playoffs, the St. Louis Cardinals rode their September momentum all the way to Championship. Check out the offensive numbers from the Cardinals’ incredible September.

RBIs (Blue), Runs Scored (Purple) & Home Runs (Red)

Thank you to all who partook in the SAP Challenge throughout the season. Hopefully Smart Stats provided you with with insightful analytics and gave to a greater appreciation for great game of Baseball.

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