Will NL All-Star Victory give St. Louis an Edge in the World Series?


With the National League winning the 2011 All-Star Game, the St. Louis Cardinals will enjoy home field advantage in the World Series. Will four potential games in Bush Stadium, played with NL rules, give the Cardinals the extra advantage needed to raise the Commissioner’s Trophy? The Rangers will have to sit their powerful DH, Michael Young. Young had his best regular season ever in 2011, knocking in a career best 106 runs and batting .338. Check out Young’s phenomenal power at the plate in the 2011 regular season.

RBIs (Blue), Hits (Orange) & Total Bases (Green)

Fortunately, the Rangers were able to win the American League with a struggling Michael Young. Young has been slumping in the post-season, batting a dismal .209 and has more Strikeouts (8) than RBIs (7). However, where the Cardinals’ home field advantage could really hurt the Rangers’ is having an almost automatic out in their lineup. This season, Texas’ pitchers went 3 for 24 (.125), with no RBIs in three series in NL ballparks. Check out how the Rangers’ pitchers performed at the plate this season in road inter-league games.

Hits (Blue), At-Bats (Orange) & Total Bases (Green)

While the Cardinals’ pitchers are not Ted Williams at the plate, they are much better hitters than Texas’ pitchers. St. Louis’ starter tonight, Chris Carpenter is two for six this postseason and Edwin Jackson had a .307 batting average this regular season. Check out how the Cardinals’ four probable starters did at the plate this regular season.

Hits (Blue), At-Bats (Orange) & Total Bases (Green)

Will St. Louis’ home field advantage propel them to their 11 World Series Championship? Keep in mind that since 2003, when the League that won the All-Star game had home field advantage, the team with home field advantage have won the World Series four out of seven times. Last years was the only time, since 2003, that the NL earned home field advantage and the Giants defeated the Rangers in five games.

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