In a New York Nightmare


With the struggling A.J. Burnett toeing the rubber in a critical ALDS game four this evening, the Yankees’ 2011 season could be over in a New York minute. Burnett (11-11, 5.15 ERA) has a 7.66 ERA in his last ten starts and allowed five runs in six innings against Texas for a Yankees loss in last year’s ALCS. The Yankees will have to overcome some recent history as well, because since 2007 no team has won a playoff game starting a pitcher with an ERA over five. Check out how Burnett’s ERA has fluctuated this year and skyrocketed at the end of the season.

This nightmare scenario for Yankees fan becomes even dimmer when one notices the slumping production of the Yankees’ best bat, Curtis Granderson. Even though Granderson was tied for fourth in the Majors with 77 Extra Base Hits this season, the overall trend of the number of Extra-Base Hits he hit per week was down. Much worse, Granderson’s batting average was a dismal .205 in September. Meanwhile, the Tiger’s best hitter and AL batting Champion, Miguel Cabrera, had an upward trend for Extra Base hits throughout the season (he was third in the Majors with 78) and finished the year with a sizzling .429 batting average in September. Compare Grandrson’s and Cabrera’s Extra Base Hit production in 2011.

The nightmare match up continues when one compares the Tiger’s and Yankees’ Designated Hitters. Detroit’s Victor Martinez batted .333, drove in 103 Runs and only struck out in 8.6 percent of his plate appearances in the 2011 regular season. Yankee DH, Jorge Posada is batting a dismal .169 outside of the Bronx this season. Posada is a major liability at the plate tonight in Comerica Park, as he only had 13 RBIs and struck out in a whopping 23.9 percent of his plate appearance on the road this year. Compare Martinez’s and Posada’s offensive production this season.

With a struggling pitcher on the mound and slumping bats at the plate will tonight be the end of the Yankees’ season?

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