Yanks playoff chances rest on ‘CC, Nova and a prayer’


The Yankees will head into the American League Division Series with almost certainly the best record in the AL and with the most questionabl starting pitching staff. The Yankees hopes will rest on ‘CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova and a prayer’.

Sabathia is unquestionably an Ace, a stopper, a number 1. Right now, the number two starter is probably Ivan Nova, a rookie who is 16-4 with a 3.62 era this year. Although he has pitched well, Yankee fans are nervous about a rookie pitching in such a high profile situation before a national audience. Yet Andy Pettite, David Cone, David Wells and CC Sabathia, all stalwarts of recent Yankee championships, were once rookies too.  It is time to take the gloves off with Nova.

It is the number three starter that is still open, even at this late date. Right now the betting man’s choice is on A.J. Burnett, as risky as that proposition is for the Yankees.  He does have playoff experience and has won two Rings.  As a matter of fact, the Yankees do not win in 2009 without his efforts.  Although he has not been good this year, he is the best the Yankees have for a third starter.  Check out his stats here:


Wins (Blue), Losses (Orange), Earned Runs (Green)

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