Granderson vs. Ellsbury, Who is the Real MVP?

One of the subplots of the neck and neck pennant race between the Yankees and Red Sox this summer has been the breakout seasons by both teams center fielders. Center fielders are measured by many things, some intangible and not seen in the box score every day. The great ones combine power, speed and defense and lead their teams to victory.

First, lets looks a Curtis Granderson of the Yankees. After a ho-hum season last year in the Bronx, his first, Granderson has been huge for the Yankees this season, winning games with both his bat and his glove, as he did last night against the Red Sox. In a 2011 campaign where the A-Rod has been sidelined with injury, Granderson has paced the Yankees offense and has clearly been the Yankees Most Valuable Player. Has he been the MVP of the league? Check out his 2011 numbers here:

Home Runs (Blue), Stolen Bases (Orange), Assists (Green)

Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox has had a breakout year.  Ellsbury clearly is a talented athlete, but Boston, like New York, is a tough town that can overwhelm anyone feint of heat.  He has battled a reputation as dogging it after several injuries, and some have even questioned his guts.  Yet this season Ellsbury has been the main guy for the Sox.  Against the Yankees, he has had several big hits and he is fast becoming a hero to Red Sox Nation.  Check out his 2011 numbers here:

Home Runs (Blue), Stolen Bases (Orange), Assists (Green)

So who is the real MVP?  Well, the season still has a month to go, and with the Yankees and the Red Sox tied for first in the loss column, perhaps the month of September will tell the tale…

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