Will Adrian Gonzalez Hit his 100th RBI of the Season this Week?



STEP 1: Let’s look at the number of RBIs that Adrian Gonzalez has hit every week this season up to August 22. RBIs are the orange bars.

Is the overall trend for the number of RBIs on the rise? The trend is the blue line. His overall average is 4.3 RBIs per week. Based on 94 RBIs in 125 games, his average per game is 0.75.


STEP 2: What teams will he be facing in the week of August 23 to 28? Are they home or away games? We’ll use this information later on.


STEP 3: How did Adrian Gonzalez do for RBIs against each of the teams he faced? How did he do against the teams he will face in August 23 to 28?

(Up to August 22)

In 5 games against Oakland he had 4 RBIs for an average of 0.80 per game.
In 4 games against Texas he had 3 RBIs for an average of 0.75 per game.


STEP 4: If we break down RBIs by home vs. away games, is there a noticeable difference?










In 61 home games, Adrian Gonzalez had 46 RBIs for an average of 0.75 RBIs per game.
In 64 away games, Adrian Gonzalez had 48 RBIs for an average of 0.75 RBIs per game.

Summary: Click here for some guesses to see if Adrian Gonzalez will hit his 100th RBI this week.

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