Tantrums Are For Children (And Molina)


Yadier Molina of St. Louis Cardinals’ glory has been suspended for five games following a confrontation with an umpire. Mr. Molina decided to throw a tantrum (much like a three-year-old child would) when he did not agree with a strike called by the umpire. Granted the umpire may have been calling pitches poorly during the game, but his behavior should not be excused, especially since his overreaction could cost his team a spot in the playoffs. The Cardinals are currently three games out of first in the NL Central and will be void of Molina during their fight for the title during the next few games. Let’s take a look at how much Molina is contributing to the Cardinals offensively.

Clearly, the Cardinals’ offense is going to suffer without one of their power hitters. Molina better get his act together for the rest of the season or there are going to be many angry fans in St. Louis!

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