Who will be 29th to hit 3000?


As we’ve all heard by now, Derek Jeter became the 28th member of the 3,000-hit club. Rather than writing about Jeter’s stats, accomplishments, future, etc., etc. (you’ve heard it all already), let’s turn our attention to predicting the 29th member of the elite club. Currently, the next players in line to reach 3,000 hits are as follows: Ivan Rodriguez of the Nationals (2,842 hits), Omar Vizquel of the White Sox (2,831 hits), and Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees (2,762 hits). Taking into consideration Vizquel’s age and that “I-Rod” is currently on the DL, my prediction is that “A-Rod” will be the 29th member.  Interestingly, this would make him and Jeter the first pair of teammates to reach 3,000 hits while playing on the same team.

Lets see how Alex Rodriguez and the others are performing this year

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