Panda Power


Currently, Pablo Sandoval in the midst of a 19 game hitting streak.  Sandoval is seven games shy of tying Jack Clark’s franchises best, since the relocation to San Francisco, 26 game hit streak.  So how productive has the Panda been these past 19 games?  Surprisingly, only slightly better than his 2011 season and career numbers.

See how the Panda is slugging now!

Sandoval’s On-Base Percentage over the past 19 games (.337) is actually lower than both his 2011 season (.342) and career (.354).  His Batting Average, Slugging Percentage and On-Base Plus Slugging are all higher than both his 2011 and career numbers.  What can be considered more important than Sandoval’s offensive numbers is that the Giants are 11-8 during his streak.  That is a higher winning percentage (.579) than their overall 50-40 record (.556).

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