Do the Giants Deserve Four All-Stars?


Four San Francisco Giants pitchers have been selected to participate in 2011 All-Star Game this coming Tuesday in Phoenix.  The Giants, who have won more games over .500 (9) then their run differential (+7), have heavily relied on their pitching to stay atop the NL West.   The Giants’ pitching staff as a whole has recorded impressive numbers, as they are fifth in the league in ERA and third in quality starts. Brain Wilson is leading the National League in saves so his selection is solid; however, a few statistics for the Giants’ All-Star starting pitchers raises some doubt about their selection.

View the current Giant pitching ERA

Lincecum’s 3.22 and Cain’s 3.216 ERA are very respectable but are higher than Philadelphia’s All-Star trio of Hamles (2.40), Halladay (.244) and Lee (2.92).  More interesting though, is that the fans were able to look past Lincecum’s and Cain’s Win-Loss record.


Lincecum has a losing record and Matt Cain is only 7-5.  Both hurlers have worse ERAs and records than NL All-Star snubs Tommy Hanson (10-4 with a 2.52 ERA) of Atlanta and Kyle Lohse (8-5 with a 2.97 ERA) of St Louis.  Vogelsong’s team leading 2.221 ERA and 6-1 record appears to merit an All-Star selection but he is only in National League dugout at the behest of this year’s NL Manger, Bruce Bochy.

So are the fans rewarding Lincecum and Cain for their 2010 post-season success or just compensating for the Giant’s almost non-existent bats?

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