Look on the Bright Side?


With the All-Star game fast approaching, let’s turn our attention on a team whose star isn’t shining so bright: the Houston Astros. The team has the lowest winning percentage of all teams (.333…ouch!) and has allowed the most runs to be scored against them.  But before we feel bad for the Astros, let’s not forget about their biggest accomplishment this season: getting through the first half of the season! So can the Astros gain momentum during the second half of the season? Probably not. My advice for the fans…beat the world record for most fans to fall asleep at a baseball game.

Lets see how Houston stacks up against Florida for the rest of this week.

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One Response to “Look on the Bright Side?”

  1. Andre Says:

    Very interesting story. I had no idea that the Astros were performing so badly this season. Maybe it’s due to all the young players??

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