The Black Cloud Over Los Angeles


With stars like Andre Either, Matt Kemp, and Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers were thought to have a bright future ahead of them. Unfortunately, the 2011 baseball season has not been easy on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Having begun the season amid the highly publicized divorce of the McCourts, problems have continued to follow the Dodgers through the season. The Dodgers currently have 10 players on the disabled list, including players Furcal, Uribe, Thames, and Broxton. Additionally, the team’s offense continues to be inconsistent and the team is ranked 25th in terms of runs in the Major League.

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As you can see, Kemp, Eitheir, and Blake are the only consistent contributors in the batting order with a large separation from the rest of the team.  Do you think we will see the other bats come alive and help the Dodgers get back on track this season?

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